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Facebook’s unsatiable hunger for data

Some of my friends tell me I’m too far fetched. Maybe they’re right. But when it comes to huge corporations, governments and the like, I’m afraid that no degree of suspiciousness is far fetched enough. Because – you know – I was thinking: how do I disable this annoying automatic translation of my contacts’ posts … Continue reading »

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Is Finnair violating EU legislation on tax refunds?

Despite its unjustified prestige (or did I just imagined it?), derived mainly–rather solely–from the country whose flagship airline they are–or were, Finnair actually belongs in the bottom grop of low-cost, cheap-it & cheat-it airlines that we find all over out there. It ain’t a tiny bit better than other much more discredited ones like Wizz, … Continue reading »

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Ropa motera Exulans; una opinión

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Seguros Nuez-Línea Directa-Bankinter, estafa profesional (opinión)

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Paypal’s dubious practices flounder prepaid cards

As a result of some legal offences carried out by Paypal associates Younique Money (YUM) who manage the PP-prepaid cards in Spain, from February 6th 2015 all cardnolders found out that their balances had been frozen and were useless, without any guarantee of ever recovering their money. Despite the cards being issued under Paypal’s patronage, … Continue reading »

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+50 screenshots revealing Windows phone issues. A WP8 review.

This is a difficult article because the list of issues and flaws of Windows Phone is close to inexahustible. At the beginning, some months ago, my intention was to cover them all, but, overwhelmed by what I realized was a superhuman task, not being inexhaustible myself, at a given point I stopped, deeming it Mission … Continue reading »

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Facebook hands over your privacy to and a number of other websites

Today, all my alarms about internet privacy (or rather lack thereof) rang out loud. I was checking my Facebook wall when I came across one of those ads we’re getting of late: it was advertising hotel rooms available in Nazaré (a tiny little village in Portugal). Nothing to worry about, if it weren’t because … Continue reading »

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Lucentum, el cava catalán que engaña al consumidor

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