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Bargaining in Kowloon

. All my shopping has already been done in Kowloon. For those of you who don’t know, Kowloon is one of the most popular shopping districts in Hong Kong and, though you can find there pretty almost anything, it’s mostly famous for mobile electronics and cameras (used or brand new), and for a large street … Continue reading »

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Lamma: el sueño de Hong Kong

. If a city could dream, Hong Kong would dream of Lamma. Barely one mile off its seashore and forty five minutes away on a ferry trip across the channel, this small island’s vague outlines get blurred, inmersed in the everlasting mist dwelling the warm South China Sea. With its lethargic fishing life, wise and … Continue reading »

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How I managed to cross to China

. This is a story with a happy ending, reader. Or, well, sort of. Happy if we don’t consider the irreversible emotional damage caused by the loss of the first visa, the failure to get a second one, and the vanishing of Willow into the blue. After the unsuccessful visit to the Consulate office for … Continue reading »

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The 24 hours I lived dangerously

The situation was this: by accident, Willow had stalled in one of the metro stations while I kept riding a train towards Causeway Bay. We could not communicate. We didn’t know which would be each other’s next move, but we both knew what we expected the other to do. (Just in case you don’t know, … Continue reading »

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The stupidest 24 hours of my life

(Comes from chapter one: “The stupidest tour of my life“) So there we stood, Willow and I, looking at each other with bewilderment drawn on our expressions, thinking like ‘What?’ For a while, we couldn’t even utter a word, until we assumed that there was nothing else for us to do there, and that we … Continue reading »

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The stupidest tour of my life

Had it not been so distressing, this day could have even passed for funny; and I actually hope that later on, looking back, I’ll be able to laugh at it. But, for the moment being, I can only feel the frustration. So, I had bought an airplane ticket to Hong Kong for visiting my girlfriend–or, … Continue reading »

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