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+50 screenshots revealing Windows phone issues. A WP8 review.

This is a difficult article because the list of issues and flaws of Windows Phone is close to inexahustible. At the beginning, some months ago, my intention was to cover them all, but, overwhelmed by what I realized was a superhuman task, not being inexhaustible myself, at a given point I stopped, deeming it Mission … Continue reading »

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Bye-bye to Skype & Whatsapp: welcome Viber

Since lethal Microsoft purchased and took over Skype, the product started declining. That’s an undeniable fact. I still remember the Skype malfunctions and constant freezes with a shiver, right after being bought by Gates Allmighty and for a period of months. More recently, Skype’s smartphone apps leaved much to be desired, at least for Symbian … Continue reading »

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Lumia 925 & Windows Phone 8. Independent review

Apology: as Microsoft owns both Nokia devices and Windows Phone 8 operating system, there’s often no way for me to tell where a given problem lies, whether in the hardware or in the software. So, I apologize in advance if I make mistakes when blaming one or the other for some of the many issues … Continue reading »

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Howto fix: black screen / adjust brightness after resume (Linux)

. In some computers with Intel graphics (maybe others as well), I’ve often come across this problem: when resuming from sleep (standby) mode, I can’t adjust the screen brightness. There is a very well known fix for this: to pass the “acpi_backlight=vendor” option to the kernel at boot. However, in my two last KDE installs, … Continue reading »

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Howto fix: Linux (Mint, Ubuntu) install from USB failure, drops to busybox.

More often than not, when trying to install several Linux distributions (or releases) via a USB stick created from the downloaded iso live or install image, I’ve experienced the frustration of being dropped to a busybox (which is the Linux way of not ending up in a Windows-like blue screen, but exactly as useless. Who … Continue reading »

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Portégé Z830 review. Fan noise fix

. Notice: I’m not a professional reviewer. This article is merely a collection of notes based on my experience with the Z830; a real user’s point of view. I just own this laptop several months ago and disinterestedly give you the information that I’d have liked to know prior to purchasing it. Therefore, I’m trying … Continue reading »

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Get rid of Acrobat’s upgrade notification popup

. Are you tired of the annoying “update acrobat” Acrobat icon popping up in your screen’s lower right corner every time you switch your computer on, or access any pdf document? For getting rid of it, you can go to the heart of the problem and get rid of it once and for all… until … Continue reading »

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Asus Zenbook (UX series) keyboard and other issues.

. It is an awfully bad keyboard. This is the bare, unobjectionable truth; and you can really stop reading here, because what follows is only a digression about it. As a professional, I’ve used many computers in my life, last generation ultrabooks included; and–in terms of typing experience–I’ve never come across any worse than the … Continue reading »

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