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On Lem’s Pericalypsis

In the foreword of that joke book that is Perfect Vacuum, where its author, the Polish essayist Stanislaw Lem, reviews a series of nonexistent literary works (they reside only in the universe of his boundless imagination), the prologue writer tells us that, with this, Lem tries to give life to — or perhaps get rid … Continue reading »

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+50 screenshots revealing Windows phone issues. A WP8 review.

This is a difficult article because the list of issues and flaws of Windows Phone is close to inexahustible. At the beginning, some months ago, my intention was to cover them all, but, overwhelmed by what I realized was a superhuman task, not being inexhaustible myself, at a given point I stopped, deeming it Mission … Continue reading »

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Lucentum, el cava catalán que engaña al consumidor

Sorry, this entry is only available in Spanish.

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Lumia 925 & Windows Phone 8. Independent review

Apology: as Microsoft owns both Nokia devices and Windows Phone 8 operating system, there’s often no way for me to tell where a given problem lies, whether in the hardware or in the software. So, I apologize in advance if I make mistakes when blaming one or the other for some of the many issues … Continue reading »

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Fix for Macbook white screen of death. Shame on Apple!

. If some day, upon booting your Macbook (probably after you did some modification to your hdd), you hear the startup chime and you get an empty white screen showing no activity at all for hours and hours, you’ve come across the dreaded white screen of death. How to fix it? First you can try … Continue reading »

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