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The bitter truth beneath sarcasm

(Note: this is a long post. For the lazy ones or those who do not have time enough, it is perfectly safe to go straight to the conslusions and final thoughts in sections #5 and #6.) Sarcasm is a ‘hate … Continue reading

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The power of semantics in mind shaping

One of the things we, in our consensus-fabrication team, feel most proud of is our skill in manipulating semantics and the vocabulary in order to confound, mislead, condition and ultimately shape people’s minds, thoughts, opinions and attitudes. The strategy is … Continue reading

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Noise and the decadence of man

‘Noise is a torture to intellectual people’ –Schopenhauer In many animal species, including Homo sapiens, males need to attract the females’ attention in order to have a chance of passing on their genes to future generations. This is a fact … Continue reading

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Did the Kremlin take revenge on Prigozhin?

I really doubt governments engage in emotional behaviour like vengeance, since governments have by definition no emotions: they are usually ready to do whatever might be in their best interest, but vengeance serves no practical purpose whatsoever except that of … Continue reading

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On friendship, and maybe also love

Hardly an adult man is to be found, at least in the Western culture, who has never been told, by a woman he courted and who rejected him, something like this: “…but we can be just friends!” Just friends? These … Continue reading

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Will cultural colonization ultimately defeat Russia?

The reflection I mean to set forth here stems from a casual — you may say funny observation: when I visited Georgia this summer, I realized that many women did not wear a bra. At first, and having recently been … Continue reading

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Foreign toponyms

When we allude to foreign proper nouns and toponyms we bump into a couple of linguistic obstacles, translation and transliteration, which present two different sides of the same issue. Transliteration (which for us westerners is synonym with romanization) deals with … Continue reading

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Exercises on sociopolitics

Today I am going to propose the reader some exercises (which I hope to be amusing) on a sociopolitical situation. I will set forward a fictitious–yet plausible–scenario and then ask some questions. It may be a good way, I believe, … Continue reading

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