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Close encounters of the second kind

I liked him at first sight. He was a tall and somewhat ungraceful man of crude and unusual features–as if his face had been left unfinished by the sculptor–suggestive of a sound yet silent character. We had met at a restaurant; actually he was the cook; and though sparing in words, we had stroken up … Continue reading »

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The ‘Time passed away’ carol

When passing by the function room at the Orthodox Institute, the man hears a choir of child-like voices, and –curious– peeps through the laces of the glass doors. He sees a group of children rehearsing Christmas carols, conducted by a young teacher. Not that young, actually, but for the last few years almost everyone seems … Continue reading »

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The cosmic connection

Dedicated to Andrada It was years before my natural curiosity and my studies took me to tread the paths of science; before I had any interest in knowledge; it was in my early adolescence, when everything is yet to be discovered and the world, like an outdated conjurer, winks to us from behind its old … Continue reading »

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Christmas Eve among bums

It’s Christmas Eve. A big full moon, very round and white, shines on the pure black of a Polish night. I drag my Christmas loneliness, on an empty stomach, along the cold and deserted streets of Bialystok. What am I doing here? Nothing exactly. It’s just that — I’d like to have supper by the … Continue reading »

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El portillo de la traición

Sorry, this entry is only available in Spanish.

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Lately I’ve been thinking…

Opinions versus judgement Much more important than opinions is judgement. Opinions — our takes on social or political subjects, our views, can be easily manipulated and may well have been instilled into us; we may have taken them from our parents, our teachers, our mates, media… too often from social networks. Judgement, on the contrary… … Continue reading »

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Treviño, a Castilian exclave in the Basque

. Despite the many routes that I’ve already done around the Basque Country, I’m yet to see, in its southern part (called the Álava plain), something that does not resemble Castille; therefore I say: the fact that the Álava plain belongs to Euskadi and, worse yet, supports the Basque separatism, are things that remain beyond … Continue reading »

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The shortest full documentary about Poland ever made.

It happened just by chance; I didn’t plan it. I had just crossed the border and stopped in the first Polish village offering accomodation. After settling in at the hotel, I went for a walk and took the camera with me. I happened to take only two pictures, the only two things that caught my … Continue reading »

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