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On Lem’s Pericalypsis

In the foreword of that joke book that is Perfect Vacuum, where its author, the Polish essayist Stanislaw Lem, reviews a series of nonexistent literary works (they reside only in the universe of his boundless imagination), the prologue writer tells … Continue reading

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Paypal’s dubious practices flounder prepaid cards

As a result of some legal offences carried out by Paypal associates Younique Money (YUM) who manage the PP-prepaid cards in Spain, from February 6th 2015 all cardnolders found out that their balances had been frozen and were useless, without … Continue reading

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Facebook hands over your privacy to Booking.com and a number of other websites

Today, all my alarms about internet privacy (or rather lack thereof) rang out loud. I was checking my Facebook wall when I came across one of those ads we’re getting of late: it was Booking.com advertising hotel rooms available in … Continue reading

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Rautalampi’s ghastly fog

It’s been decades since I’m bothering my friends with the preach that, in a clever society, some rudiments of thermodynamics should be taught in mandatory elementary school, for reasons not solely environmental but also economical. Unfortunately, very few of us … Continue reading

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Spain, undisputed leader in stock opacity.

Today I receive this information from my broker: “Presently, the settlement period of stock exchange transactions across European venues is: trade date + 3 business days (T+3), except for German, Slovenian and Bulgarian markets, where the settlement period is T+2. … Continue reading

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