The healthiest country on Earth

When I heard that Netflix was going to stop broadcasting in Russia, my first thought was: “Oh!, but was Netflix allowed in Russia at all? How imprudent!”

I mean: I’m a freedom enthusiast, and generally am not in the least for banning anything. I believe in free market and, in principle, support people’s possibility to access whatever services and goods they want or need of their own will, even though most person’s ability to choose what’s best for them leaves much to be desired: ideally, in my opinion, choice should come alongside education… But I’m drifting towards a too complicated debate here. For the moment, suffice to say that — well, if someone wants to watch whichever channel or online content, then let them do it.

However, when it comes to Netflix (or HBO, Amazon Video, Disney Channel, DW, etc.), I confess that my belief in liberty wavers quite a bit, and no longer know if I’m pro freedom of choice above all other considerations. And this is so because… well, Netflix and the like are such powerful indoctrinating tools that might even be labelled and treated like toxic: the same as governments regulate and restrict to the average layman the intake of certain drugs, least he poisons himself, so should perhaps be done with the venomous contents fed to uneducated or unprepared societies by those media platforms. Indeed, all of their video productions are manufactured to subtly –yet very efficiently– shape, when not manipulate, people’s minds in order for all of us to think in very much the same way, share identical values and have matching opinions: gender ideology, femin(az)ism, multiculturalism, identity politics, LGBTIQism, climate change, veganism, abortion, animalism, euthanasia, indigenism, welcome refugees, open borders… you name it! Such ready-made ideas are been seeded on most of the world’s population by –though not only– the mentioned platforms. Therefore, any nation endowed with a sensible patriotic sentiment (meaning a feeling of their own traditional values) or simply a healthy self-preservation instict; any nation who does not want to hypnotically and uncritically follow the ideological path devised for –and practically imposed on– us by the global agenda and other supranational powers we’ve never elected nor legitimated, should probably consider banning Netflix (& co.) in order to protect their citizens’ brains from the platforms’ subliminal and insidious indoctrination.

Of course this is not optimal. Ideally, I think, governments should educate their citizens so as to make them able to tell among the garbage and the flowers, while guaranteeing that several and diverse “cultural offers” –instead of one unique set– is available to the public, for us to freely (informedly, critically) pick our choice. But this situation being very far from reality and, as a matter of fact, from our governments’ true goals, some degree of protection –however imperfect– against alien brainwashing may at least be achieved by forbidding those trojans of globalism to enter our home. And that’s why I was surprised to learn that they were allowed in Russia, a country I thought was more concerned than others about its citizens’ healthy minds.

Something similar can be said about food corporations like McDonald’s, Starbucks or Coca-Cola, though in this case the poisoning is much more literal, albeit perhaps less harmful. Having many countries their own vast, rich and healthy local gastronomies (and Russia is no exception), it’s a pity that their people succumb to cultural colonization and opt for eating fast food, to the detriment of healthier, often more sustainable and always more profitable (for their own country’s economy) alternatives. Again, there’s nothing necessarily wrong in widening the food offer available to a given society, even if it’s junk, provided the consumers are wise enough to know not only what’s best for them, but also what undermines their culture and identity. In this regard, it would also be desirable that freedom of choice came accompanied by proper information, on the part of publilc powers, about nutrition, feeding habits and by some reinforcement of the confidence in our own traditional food, mostly if it’s healthy. In moderate doses, chauvinism is perhaps a good thing, and opposition to cultural colonization is something at the very least worth having in mind.

In any case, today I can’t but laugh at those companies for trying to “punish” Russian population by discontinuing their businesses in this country and “depriving” its inhabitants of their products. (Here, by the way, we’re pretending to believe that behind such commercial decisions there lies an ideal of “justice for Ukraine” on the part of the corporations instead of cold arithmetics on how to better monetize westerner’s anger at Russia.) First off, such measures are ridiculous –if not mean and contemptible– because they’re aimed to penalize a whole nation not responsible for its government’s decision; and they’re useless too for that matter, because in fact Vladimir Putin’s popularity has only increased nationwide since all the wave of EUSA (European Union States of America) sanctions begun. But then they are hilarious because, it seems to me, those companies are actually doing Russians a great favour: not only for leaving market room which local businesses can seize to settle down or thrive, but mostly because, without Netflix and McDonalds, without Amazon Video and Coca-Cola, Russia is nowadays perhaps the healthiest country on Earth to live in, mentally and physically.

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  1. Phil Marty says:

    If by “educated” one means a formal education, then perhaps that could be an advantage in decision making. It depends on the studies and motivation.

    If I understand the author correctly, he likes freedom but only for decisions he thinks are correct decisions. Or perhaps its more accurate to use his vernacular and say HEALTHY decisions.
    The ONE MAN in charge of TWITTER posts is from India and he uses the same language: ” healthy dialog ” he calls it. His healthy dialog….. free speech be damned. Sound good?

    So the solution presented is the population needs more government education. This is actually happening and has happened in Russia, china, Iran and of course 1940 Germany.

    The so called “educated” helped elect Biden. If a formal education was what X KGB tyrant Putin had, then he must be a big mac Netflix kind of guy.

    What other explanation could help us understand why Putin would murder children while chasing fictitious Nazis and red flag bio scares?

    So we are to recognize that the Great Satin and his European disciples are a bigger threat to Freedom than Putin because they want a big mac?
    Leave them alone Mr. Freedom confused.

    I also support little satin Isreal. They have McDonald’s too.

    So where is this Freedom the author professes to love?

    …eh…who cares: big mac fries and a strawberry shake please .

    • pabster says:

      Tyrants, Iran, 1940, KGB… A fine row of puerile commonplaces and myths. I’m missing Neron and Rasputin. So scary! And you forgot to mention that tyrant Putin, after murdering children, eats them raw, as Russians usually do while being indoctrinated by their government or while chasing hippogryphs, neonazis and bio-labs that don’t exist, and the man never set foot on the moon. :-))

      “Satin”: a fabric having a glossy face and a smooth texture.
      “Great Satin”: probably a great fabric like that.
      “Isreal”: — word not found. Probably you meant “Is real”.
      “Biomass”: organic matter, esp. plant matter, that can be converted to fuel and is regarded as energy source.
      “Biomass lab”: probably a secret laboratory to develop biomass viruses.

      Ugh! That’s what happens after too long unchecked exposure to Hollywood and the Great Benefactor’s propaganda: education suffers and understanding deteriorates. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

      Btw: the ONE MAN in charge of Twitter posts obeys Twitter top shareholders, the usual suspects, your zeonist masters, Little Benefactor Is-real. The same who pay your news guru of choice.

      Yet the OP’s main point still holds: Russia is healthier now than before. 🙂

  2. Phil Marty says:

    * There were biomass labs funded by the authors great Satin in Ukraine. Not securing the lab was just another fault of the president elected by “the educated.”

    • pabster says:

      Make up your mind: either the labs exist, or are “red flag bio scares”.

      • Phil Marty says:

        Yes, the Zionists and the Great Satin are the go to phrase

        All predictable, all overused.

        Of course USA never landed on the moon. But the author knows only too well that Putin doesn’t eat the babies because he can’t get McDonald’s fries and a milkshake with it.
        No fishing in this pond Mr. Freedom confused.. ..or is it mr. CONFUCIOUS

        Be careful, the Jews control you when you sleep too.

        Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Run

      • pabster says:

        It’s not me who periodically begs for help to dodge the Jews Google control, befuddled Dr. Marty. Or is it Smarty? So smart, he can’t think of anything better than the hackneyed “tyrant Putin”. How brilliant! You sure he doesn’t eat raw babies? That’d be a very lousy tyrant then. You must be wrong. Consult Tucker Carlson before replying.

      • Phil Marty says:

        Its SMARTY.
        GOT anything to say that sounds educated and factual?

        PUTIN eats babies and chases it with a McDonald’s milkshake.

        Enough with the kindergarten ” the boogeyman did it.

        No one but no one is responsible for bombing women and children in Ukraine except Putin.

        If you need to feel justified supporting these actions, then I can’t say anything that can change that.. I’m old fashioned ; life begins at conception would likely be apposed by one who supports Putin eating babies.
        As for me, I I think that this author would likely support the incas Virgin sacrifices.

      • pabster says:

        “eats babieS and chases IT”
        “no one but no one”
        “likely be Apposed”
        Jeez! Who let this babbling baby in?
        And still not a single argument against the post’s main idea.
        You’ve got one more try.

  3. Phil Marty says:

    On the bio labs I can only admit that I don’t know exactly what is going on.
    However, some EDUCATED people/dummies are sure about the propaganda and will never admit being unsure or wrong.

    So as the author stated: its easy to use the GOTO BLAME IT ON Zionists and the evil Satin. SOOO 😴 BOOORING!!!

    • pabster says:

      Such a childish way of confesing you know nothing, then trying to get comfort fantasizing others’ ignorance. Whatever education means for you, Dr. Smarty, when it was raffled you weren’t there. Can’t even tell biomass from biolabs. Ha, ha!
      Don’t pretend: you masochists never get bored of getting thrashed. Come for more whenever you want.

      • Phil Marty says:

        Your English is very good. My Spanish is not even worth mentioning, but other than the normal attacks on jews, Americans and fast food; I have no idea if you’re making an intelligible point. As usual, I’m sure that a jew is not letting you true prose come over the internet….shhh…they’re watching now.

      • pabster says:

        “Normal” does not mean “inaccurate”.
        Of course you have no idea about intelligible nothing. Did you note that “intelligible” shares the same root as “intelligent”?

      • Phil Marty says:

        No .. you’re right and I apologize. I’m no match and have learned my lesson..again, sorry.

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