I hope the Americans love their children too

In view of Russian military forces’ huge superiority over Ukrainian ones, it comes quite clear that, no matter how many weapons and mercenaries the latter receive from NATO, Vladimir Putin’s victory over Volodimir Zelenski -aka Joseph Biden- seems inevitable unless the Athlantic armies take direct part in the conflict. Otherwise, there’s no use for the Ukrainian troops -particularly their Azov philo-nazi regiment- in taking their own civilians hostage -by preventing them from reaching safety via the humanitary corridors- and using them as human shields anti Russian soldiers, who fight handicapped by strict orders to absolutely minimize civilian casualties; and there’s no use, either -except for increasing the suffering and deaths of their own people by absurdly prolonging this war-, in keep receiving the ongoing ammunition and armament loads so hypocritically sento to them by Europe (and not for free, by the way), not really for Ukrainian nationalists to stand a chance of winning over their enemy, but for them to hold fast for as long as possible in the hope that the Russian people, who are the ones who -very unfairly, by the way- suffer and endure the US-imposed embargo, finally get tired and arise against their government in claim for a regime change; which is the hegemonic agenda’s real goal in this fight.

But the eventual Russian victory would mean, in fact, nothing less than a defeat for USAmerica -and its European vassals-, which is the actual issue here at stake: Western supremacy over Russia, this rebellious nation unwilling to submit to the New World Order, Davos Forum’s designs or the 2030 Agenda, call it as you like. As someone has put it quite accurately: United States will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian soldier. And here’s where my worst fears arise, because how can USA tolerate such unprecedented defeat?; how will they accept Putin prevailing over the West? Russia getting away with its ‘special operation’ in Ukraine literally means -besides the uselessness of imposing sanctions on a virtually self-sufficient country- a crucial blow on USA’s world dominance, the end of its dollar as the sole currency for universal interchange, a decline of its statu quo in international commerce and, well, the worst derision in the history of United States’ arrogant supremacism. How, then, can I trust that the empire with the most powerful army on earth will allow themselves such defeat? And -I must insist- Russia will indeed have its own way unless the mentioned empire intervenes militarily; but it’s precisely this interference what most scares me, because…

Because, unless I’m altogether mistaken -and God knows how much I wish to be-, NATO countries will soon get hold of no matter what casus belli to justify a warlike intervention in the present conflict, even if for it they need to cross the dangerous and always fragile boundary of hostilities with Russia or to carry out some false-flag operation, which would soon mean a full-scale war between both armies, which in turn may too easily escalate into nuclear, with the devastating effects well all can guess. As a matter of fact, some voices in the West are already shouting: But we must do something! (and doing something can only mean warfare escalation), whereas the Russian Ministry of Defense has warned of an Ukrainian plot for making, in Lvov, an attempt on US and European diplomats’ lives and blame it on Russia, in order to trigger NATO’s getting militarily involved.

My only hope for this danger to be warded off and avoiding a nuclear disaster lies in the Globalist Agenda (whose lords prophesyze -and work for- the end of USA as the first world power before 2030) winning over the USA’s own Hegemonic Agenda; in whose case be welcome, for once, the former one. But my ignorance of the ins and outs of world power does not allow me to imagine how this can happen, seeing that, as far as I know, both agendas share at least one common goal -though for different reasons-, which is to finish Russia off. Thus being things, I hope the Americans love their children too.

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  1. Phil Marty says:

    I think the need to be heard and get attention by creating fairytales….or in this case: NAZITALES . . is something even edger Allen Poe couldn’t imagine.
    Or perhaps freelancers very name is habitually under the influence of silocybin.
    Poland and all former soviet satellites would welcome Russian troops and ALICE LOVES WONDERLAND πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

    • pabster says:

      Off topic. Typical Biden supporter’s diarrhoea.
      Both hysteria and sarcasm usually take origin in fear. Get a better therapist. πŸ™‚

      • Phil Marty says:

        .obviously you won the discussion and I was bored but now I’m tired and really bored.

        Check under your bed for Semites

      • pabster says:

        Sure, you’re sleepy and the grapes weren’t ripe.
        Check your cellphone for Google spies. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Phil Marty says:

    Zelenskyy just outlawed opposing political parties. That is NOT democracy. Russia is the bad guy clearly but Zelenskyy needs to not be a dictator like the one who invaded.
    This does not excuse fantasies about NAZIS but is a warning that just like our democrat party, Zelenskyy ostensibly is taking away freedom.

      • Phil Marty says:

        When ones arguments can not be made, turn to the often Inaccurate clowns on Wikipedia.
        If Wikipedia is the best you got then OK you can keep your buddy Putin and enjoy eating your babies together. …and your chocolate milkshake.

        Really Sir?… Wikipedia?😴πŸ˜ͺ😐

      • pabster says:

        I keep my arguments for adults. To liberal Biden warmonger supporters I feed liberal sources. Wiki are the same ones who now deny neonazis in Ukraine. They just forgot to edit the Azov entry.
        And yes, please, leave Putin and me alone. These topics aren’t for kids.

  3. Phil Marty says:

    No .. you’re right and I apologize. I’m no match and have learned my lesson..again, sorry.


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