Cui prodest bellum

Whatever the end of the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine be, we can be sure of this: Europe countries’ electorates will have been persuaded about NATO’s essential existence, and -neglecting any possible initiative to dissolve an organization which, in truth, lost its theoretical purpose more than three decades ago- will grant their leaders a carte blanche to engage in enormous increases of their respective defense budgets. With the excuse of a peremptory protection from the Russian bear, NATO’s European members will spend fabulous amounts of extra money on weapons – defrayed, of course, off the taxpayers’ pockets. Chancelor Shcolz has already anounced upping Germany’s military expense in 100 billion euros next year, the rest of NATO countries this side of the ocean to follow suit in some degree, plus other non-NATO nations as well. How much total? A few hunded billions?

And a huge proportion of these expenses in armament, technology and war equipment will likely engross the profit of US military industry, which is by a landslide the world’s top arms exporter. Ineffable delight for the Deep State; the same powers, by the way, who fostered the coup d’etat in Kiev 2014 (disguised as an spontaneous popular revolt called Euromaidan) to oust the by then Ukraine’s democratically elected president and sit, in its place, puppets like the actual Volodimir Zelenski, obedient to Washington’s guidelines.

There is, besides, a second outcome we should also take for granted: gas and petroleum futures (determining actual prices) will remain in historical highs for many months to come (though, paradoxically, the present global demand of such commodities is lower than in the recent past), which makes profitable for US fracking companies to turn on again -they’re already doing it- the expensive and polluting shell industry for hydrocarbons extraction, and whose production will be bought by silly Europeans twice as costly as what we’d pay to Russian suppliers. Cunningly enough, the very US buys hydrocarbons from Russia at a lower cost than it fracks them. But, as Ursula von der Leyen has recently said, “The sacrifice for the liberty of our Ukrainian brothers has also a price for Europeans, and we must be ready to pay that price”. In short, more market and profits for the United States.

Thus being things, if we now apply political analysis’ rule #1, “qui prodest?“, to the armed conflict in Ukraine, it comes as obvious that its main economic profiteer is the USA; therefore, it turns out as quite likely that, contrary to what West governments and their media payroll try to make us believe, this situation has been brewed, or at least favoured, by the said beneficiary. Gas, oil and weapons (besides other globalist, strategic and hegemonic goals, too obscure -yet unquestionable- for me to analyze) are mighty enough reasons for the White House to turn a deaf ear on the legitimate and reasonable security claims the Kremlin has been making these past years on Ukraine’s neutrality, and for the dubiously elected president Biden -another Deep State crippled puppet- to keep pushing his Russian counterpart towards the reckless step he’s ultimately taken. Which step, by the way, is nothing but a self-fulfilled prophecy: first we pester the bear and, and once he finally thrusts his pow, then we justify the pestering… and the assassination, if possible. But probably Russia, for the past decades, did not entail more of a threat to the West than that created by the same West when keeping alive the NATO and expanding it eastwards.

Gas, oil and weapons are also mighty reasons to help prolong this war much longer than necessary, and thus we’re witnessing such absurdity as, instead of stepping in between two contenders in order to stop the quarrel, o even -if we dared- boldly intervening in support of the part we perceive as weaker/righter, what NATO does is selling arms by the loads to Zelenski, and “morally” backing him up with sanctions to Russia, so that our protegé won’t stop fighting or save its lives, but rather slowly bleed out for as long as possible; not because Europe doesn’t care, but because it all goes for the superior cause of God blessed Uncle Sam’s profit.

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  1. Наталия says:

    Я конечно прочитала таою статью, но только исключительно потому что знакома с тобой лично. Я понимаю, что ты проросийский и почему-то эти ватники у тебя вызывают такое умиление. Но прежде чем нести свои мысли “в массы” не мешало бы немного узнать менталитет нашего украинского народа. И знать историю  моего народа. То что ты “рассуждаешь” о перевороте 2014года, так это выбор людей! И если твои “любимые” российские рабы никогда не имеют праао голоса, так в МОЕЙ стране другие люди!!! И это выбор людей. Так же как и сейчас эти твои любимые твари бомбят мирное население. Тебе никогда не понять, как простые люди защищают свой дом, свою землю и своих близких. Как наши люди все как один стараются изгнать эту падаль. Дай Бог, чтобы ты никогда не испытал страх от взрывов и боль от потери близких!!! Люби и приветствуй своих рашистов!!! Но правда и Бог с нами!

    • pabster says:

      Привет, Наталия. Это сюрприз, чтобы снова услышать от тебя. Я понимаю твоё возмущение, потому что, как и большинство западных украинцев, ты являешь жертвой дезинформации, распространяемой глобалистскими СМИ и твоим проамериканским правительством.. Но, к сожалению, это не на меня тебе следует направлять свой гнев. Жаль, что вы (западные украинцы) не знаете, что произошло в вашей собственной стране. Но, прежде чем писать свой комментарий, не мешало бы узнать правду. Я предлагаю тебе прочитать следующие статьи. Ты многому научишься.

      С уважением.

      • наталия says:

        Я не с западной Украины. Если ты до сих пор не отличаешь где какой регион Украины, то о чем с тобой можно разговаривать? Спасибо за очень ” полезные” ссылки. Обязательно ознакомлюсь с твоей информацией, как только рашисты перестанут бомбить и будкт свободное и спокойное время. К сожалению нет возможности разглагольствовать,. Очень интересно узнать о себе как о жертве дезинформации СМИ, может сейчас наши СМИ тоже врут? И то что я вижу и слышу от родных и друзей все просто компьютерная игра Путина? Только мне совсем не хочется быть в центре таких игр. 

  2. Phil Marty says:

    Fuck yes!!!!! Those American capitalist pigs are the problem.

    Nothing new to the poor green energy, no nuke, solar and wind European. America ravaged post war Germany for and is still suffering from long lines at McDonald’s.

    This article makes me move like you; and favor Putin.

    Let Putin take what he wants and all of that CLEAN dirty Russian oil that has as many environmental laws as China(ZERO) will say its all good.

    YES!! The United States should let Europe rot and enjoy the plastics they have to burn on non windy and non sunny days.

    Fuck us Europeans.

  3. alena says:

    The words of the famous Roman jurist Cassian Longinus Ravill “Cui Prodest? Cui bono?”
    Pablo! Thank you for your brave, honest and sober look at what is happening.
    It hurts so much that people look at everything superficially, emotionally without wondering why.

    • pabster says:

      Спасибо тебе, Алёна. Действительно, в эти дни тяжёло сформировать и высказать независимое мнение. Западная пропаганда – подавляющая. Про-российские СМИ заблокированы. Критических умов почти нет. Эмоциональная истериа – обобщенная. Факты и историю почти никого не знает, и не хочет узнать…

    • Phil Marty says:

      Can you be more specific…
      “It hurts so much that people look at everything superficially, emotionally without wondering why.”

      If one is emotional when visiting this site perhaps the only prudent response would ostensibly be “what goes around, comes around. “😀😃😁😁😇😇😊

      Backing a crazy man would naturally stir emotions.
      A Russian idiot wanted California’s fort Ross back.
      My “emotional” response is the only way that could happen would be to use nukes. My street alone has more firepower than any Russian could survive 🤪
      So yes…EMOTIONAL is met with emotion, and bombs are killing kids and families. Since the author fails to be ‘non superficial” and explain why these people should be bombed indiscriminately, maybe you can. As pablo knows, I’m just an uncultured merkin eating only fast food and praying to God.
      Thats why he knows we don’t “love our children.”

      • pabster says:

        USAn idiots are refractory to explanations. They use psychological reactance to avoid them.
        You know? When I see you excreting a few words on every single post and comment on this blog, over and over again, I can’t help thinking of a dog taking a piss on every plant or sprout he comes across. The poor animal doesn’t even know what he’s doing: it’s just his territorial instinct. Plain hormons.
        And so I see Phil (or is it Goofyl?) on his four legs scenting around, lifting his leg and then pissing one or two sentences here and there, not even realizing what he does. His aim is not to persuade, but just to mark territory whenever he feels it threatened, even if it ain’t his garden.
        C’mon, Goofyl! Here’s a candy for ya. 😀 😀 😀

        (Btw: Alena isn’t subscribed to replies. She won’t get notified of yours. But anyway it wasn’t meant for her, was it? Ha, ha!)

  4. Phil Marty says:

    No .. you’re right and I apologize. I’m no match and have learned my lesson..again, sorry.
    …and I’m Swiss.
    Dear Sir
    I wish you much success and appreciate your articles. Thank you for taking the time to clarify your positions .
    All the best.

    • pabster says:

      Thank you, Sir. Much appreciated your sincere wishes. Pity some commenters can’t think of a middle ground between aggresive sarcasm and total withdrawal. Binary minds I call them, that can only take two values: either 0 or 1, which leaves zero room for any possible debate; and my guess is: they probably didn’t want any debate in the first place.
      All the best for you too.

  5. Phil Marty says:

    There is nothing Goofy has to add. I just hope you’re doing well.

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