Facebook hands over your privacy to Booking.com and a number of other websites

Today, all my alarms about internet privacy (or rather lack thereof) rang out loud. I was checking my Facebook wall when I came across one of those ads we’re getting of late: it was Booking.com advertising hotel rooms available in Nazaré (a tiny little village in Portugal). Nothing to worry about, if it weren’t because last night I had been searching for hotels in Nazaré via Booking.com. I was not logged in; my Booking.com email is different from the Facebook one; both emails are not linked in any way… Obviously, then, it was not a coincidence: there is one chance in a million for getting an ad of the same forlorn place I had been checking last night. To my knowledge, there’s only one way this can happen: Booking.com and Facebook.com are interchanging cookies, crossing databases: i.e., they’re telling each other about our private information, so that they can sell us something. I know we’re in the era of zero privacy, yet this is the most shameless and blatant case of handing over private information without consentment that I’ve ever come across. So, beware out there, internauts. They call it “interest-based advertising”.

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3 Responses to Facebook hands over your privacy to Booking.com and a number of other websites

  1. Artur says:

    Dear Pablo,
    check this one:
    You should turn all those things off, it should improve the situation.
    Take care!

  2. Andrew says:

    Maybe using AdBlock and Disconnect.me will help 🙂
    Browsers even have Unique IDs(Chrome), even Win10 has them.
    Information sharing is so easy to do, Cookies, even Images, anything local.
    Only blocking any kind of storage will help. They have the funds to buy zero-day(new and unknown) exploits.
    The problem is that the World has lost it’s compass, we no longer have a concept of good or evil, everything is relative, this is a dangerous world.

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