The Ukraine which is Russia ·

tuetanoThere is a part of Ukraine which loathes Russia and wants to stress their differences as much as possible. They’re not–contrary to what The West insists on believing–a majority of Ukrainians; perhaps not even half of them; but they’re sure the noisiest. However, ironically, that Ukraine which loathes Russia is driven by a typically Russian feeling: the wish and yearning for becoming Europe; such a romantic and outdated admiration for our Old Continent. How odd! Notwithstanding, suffices to live for a couple of months among Ukrainians and Russians to realize that Ukraine is Russia to the bone; same as Catalonia is Spain, leaving differences aside.
Unfortunately, from those cold regions most of us only get to know the information and opinions our European chauvinism is able to admit, instilling the picture of a brave country boldly struggling for getting far from Russia’s influence. Indeed they struggle! To the point that, in the past weeks, they’ve carried out a real and effective coup d’état for overthrowing the legitimate Government they themselves approved in the ballot boxes a few months or years earlier; a coup with the approval of the Western world. How odd! the very Civilization sanctioning coups d’état…
And while the rioters slaughter their fellow countrymen by cobblestones and cocktails, at the moment of truth Europe flirts with Ukraine like a frivolous teaser: smiles, winks and wiggles her hips, but dodges the kisses. For Europe, that Ukraine which loathes Russia is like a wooer, useful for satisfying our vanity and feed our unbearable narcissism, but whom we don’t mean to marry. Maybe this is why we choose to ignore the other Ukraine: that vast minority yearning for the language -Russian- and bonds taken away from them by the extremism that came up after gaining independence from the USSR.

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  1. Phil says:

    No surprise. Fine article. Freedom is a nice idea but large nations who can survive and KEEP the shipping port will always do so. That America and Europe think the 21st century will bring an end to the game of “stratego” is childish thinking and shows clearly they didn’t listen to Santayana.

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