The Decalogue of illegal immigration

Affricans assulting Spanish border's fence

Affricans assulting Spanish border’s fence

1. For admitting inmigrants in Spain, first we must make sure we want them. We don’t need more unemployed people. Charity, well understood, begins at home. Let kindness to the next not turn into lack of kindness to ourselves.
2. Once we’re sure we can provide for them, welcome those who come in legally. We should flexibilize these legal channels, but never reward those who want to skip them.
3. Attack a cop is considered a crime in Spain. Any alien who crosses the border assaulting our policemen becomes a criminal right away. We don’t need more criminals in Spain.
4. It’s governmental demagogy to blame human trade syndicates for the assaults to our borders. Those who destroy the fences and attack our officers are not the gangsters, but the allegedly exhausted, hungry, weakened and dying inmigrants.
5. It’s too easy to act generous with public money. Those in our society who feel more inclined to pity and charity and want to share our wealth with the aliens should take them in into their own homes, and provide for them at their own expense until the aliens could live on their own; health care and education inclusive; but such a burden should not be imposed onto the rest of tax payers. Altruism should never be a duty.
6. The problem of Spanish borders is a Spanish problem, not the EU’s. We don’t need other countries’ permission to protect our frontiers. Most illegals entering Spain remain in Spain, they don’t spread throughout Europe. Climate is better here and, besides, where else would they be more protected and spoiled?
7. If we really wanted to help those Africans, we’d start by lessening the pressure on their natural resources. Otherwise means hypocrisy. Less consumption and waste in Western countries: this is the only consistent way of helping the Third World. But then there is no economical growth! Both things cannot coexist. Let’s make up our minds and behave accordingly.
8. Philanthropy and solidarity with the agressive inmigrants assaulting our borders means severe and contradictory lack of philanthropy and solidarity with those much more numerous who, just because of they’re weaker and more needy, could never set to Spain.
9. If we have to accept inmigrants and we truly mean to be humanitarian, we should fly ourselves to their countries, pick the poorer ones, then bring them home and host them, instead of waiting here for the brutest to arrive and reward their audacity and their aggressivity.
10. Finally, let’s take off our hypocritical mask. Let’s acknowledge the truth: few among us care about those blacks who died by Ceuta, those who died when sailing dinghies, those who perish along the desert… Few among us really want those aliens here. Let’s stop acting compassionate and moved by their wretchedness. They wanted to get in illegaly; they perished; too bad.

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2 Responses to The Decalogue of illegal immigration

  1. Phil says:

    My god!!! Switch the borders and you’re speaking nearly word for word of the California or for that matter; all of the United states problem. Like most problems in semi free society, government IS THE PROBLEM. This article is the nail being hit squarely on the head. Hats off to you!!!

    • Hmm… I’m not so sure about the identity of both cases. I wouldn’t believe if you told me that US border patrols are FORBIDDEN to use riot control weapons (such as clubs, rubber bullets, smoke cans, etc), or any other kind of weapon for that matter, against immigrants assaulting the border fences and gates. Some people here start suggesting that, if we’re forbidden to fend the aliens off, we’d rather welcome them with stewardesses carrying appetizer trays.

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