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Tarkovski revisited

I was only a teenager when — by suggestion of a friend under the intelectual fever that, in the early 80’s, stroke some middle-class sectors in Spain — I went to an unlikely cineclub in a not so advisable district … Continue reading

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Krimea is not Catalonia ·

I’m very much afraid that, when seeing a correslation between Krimea and Cataluña, Spanish foreign affairs minister García-Margallo, along with many politicians and journalists, are all missing the point. Krimea’s present and past realities have nothing to do with Catalonia’s … Continue reading

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The Ukraine which is Russia ·

There is a part of Ukraine which loathes Russia and wants to stress their differences as much as possible. They’re not–contrary to what The West insists on believing–a majority of Ukrainians; perhaps not even half of them; but they’re sure … Continue reading

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The voiceless Ukrainians

For the past two weeks, since all this problem sprung in Ukraine when their prime minister stepped back about some commercial agreements with Europe, presumedly influenced by Russia, and the ultra nationalists rioted and took the streets (with or without … Continue reading

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European foulness about Ukraine ·

The hypocrisy of Europe with regard to the events in Ukraine is twofold and significant. On the one hand, most of the media–and probably society as well–goad (with an insane, innermost elation) those Ukrainians who are fighting and dying for … Continue reading

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Repression in Ukraine: languacide of Russian

These are some facts: A) According to annual surveys by the Ukrainian Institute of Sociology (of the National Academy of Sciences) throughout 1994 to 2005: 1.- Average 36% of the Ukrainian population are native Russian speakers. 2.- Average 34% of … Continue reading

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FEMEN breasts

. Como varón sano, encuentro encantadoras estas protestas de las FEMEN ucranianas (o, para el caso, cualquier otra protesta del mismo estilo). Siempre es un placer contemplar unas bonitas tetas en movimiento. ¿Y habéis advertido que ningunas son pequeñas, arrugadas, … Continue reading

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A week in Kiev. May 2012

. After spending three delightful days in my beloved Toruń (Poland), plus one more in a collapsed and messy Warsaw, that works in a frenzy for showing a pretty face of progress, developement and modernity to the world and to … Continue reading

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