European foulness about Ukraine ·

The hypocrisy of Europe with regard to the events in Ukraine is twofold and significant.
On the one hand, most of the media–and probably society as well–goad (with an insane, innermost elation) those Ukrainians who are fighting and dying for an aproach to Euroope despite no country in the EU wants Ukraine to join the club. From our unbearable superiority complex, we idioticly smile at the naïve Europeism of Ukrainian society (but mark!: only part of that society) and we threaten with sanctions to their Government–democratically elected, let’s not forget–for doing what we don’t dare to do (at least in Spain): to crush ilegitimate violence with legitimate violence.
On the other hand, we constantly congratulate ourselves with insufferable satisfaction for condemning anything neighbouring the extreme right opinions or attitudes, and we boast of our protective and grantful systems, supporters of oppressed monorities, while at the same time we chose to ignore that these riots in Ukraine are backed–no, flamed by precisely the extreme right, that they involve a radical nationalism, and that since the very independence of Ukraine one half of the society (the now protestants) discriminates against, and thrash, the only natural right of the russophone third of the population (one third!) to be officially acknowledged their language same as Ukrainian is: Russian–perhaps many Europeans ignore–is not an official language in Ukraine despite being the mother tongue of seventeen million Ukrainians.
Thus, meanwhile we clap the irredeemable Slavic romanticism and harbour the shameful, unhealthy desire to witness a revolt bathed in blood, they die by the dozens on the icy cobbles of their cities with the recklessness only Slavics are able to face death with.

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  1. Phil says:

    Amen brother. And guess who isn’t going to Ukraine, Mali, or even the next Balkan war? That’s right we stupid Yankees give you the green light to send your money and bodybags. Now if only this idiot community organizer president would put the troops on OUR borders. Good article pablo

    • I love I can always count on a redneck for a good compliment. 😀
      Sure, bro: as you can see, not all opinions coming from a Spaniard are forcibly left winged. Hugs!

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