The international rules-based order

The ‘international community’ that subscribes the ‘rules-based’ order. (Image:

For the past few months, one expression is being repeated by the leaders, politicians, elites and journalists all over the West: A rules-based international order.

Although the term was coined at the end of the Cold War, it has recently gained enormous momentum after Moscow’s recognition of the Lugansk PR and the Donetsk PR as independent states on February 21st 2022, reaching all corners of the planet and being echoed everywhere, from Juneau to Wellington, throughout the whole US-led Collective West. We can hear the slogan incessantly repeated by the dubiously-legitimate 46th president of the United States of America, ‘Big Mouth’ Joseph Robinette Biden, every time he sees himself in front of a microphone, as well as by that globalist cyborg and White House parrot who is Mrs. Ursula Vonderleyen, president of the European Commission as of today. ‘We must rally around a rules-based international order’, we get ad nauseam coming out of our TV sets’ and electronic devices’ speakers; ‘We are aiming to a rules-based world order’, we read on every media terminal owned by the harbingers of such a concept.

And it certainly sounds good. It could not be otherwise, given these people’s ability to think and come up with pretty, ear-ravishing and mind-alluring phrases.  The international rules-based order… Hmm… At a first glance, one can only think: ‘Yes, of course; why should we want it any other way’? Whenever we think of order, we subconsciously contrast the idea with its opposite: ‘chaos’–and who likes chaos? Then we have ‘international’, which sounds quite nice, too: we want order not only for ourselves, but for all of the world’s nations. Is it not generous of us, westerners? We aim to bringing order to the entire planet; and not just any kind of order, but one based on rules…

Now, wait a minute — Rules?

Knowing these global elites and this breed of politicians we endure, when I first came across the said term, I immediately thought: ‘Damned poseurs. Voilà yet another instance of their hypocrisy.’ But it was only a few days ago that I realized how wrong I was this time. And I humbly admit it: for once, these people were telling the truth. So, I apologize to them.

Indeed, prompted by some keen analyst out there, I suddenly became aware of the true meaning of the ‘rules-based’ combo. Not justice-, fairness- or even law-based, as would be desirable, but rules-based. Did you spot the cheat? Exactly: although, in principle, the idea seems quite nice, when you think of it you understand that, contrary to justice or fairness (which are universal and natural concepts, hard-coded in our DNA), rules are totally arbitrary! This order that they want to bring to–or, more precisely, impose onto–the world is based on rules; but then which ‘rules’ are these? And whose are they? Well… evidently those dictated by the US, the only custodian–by God’s appointment–of all the truth, justice, equity and legitimacy that is and there can be, not just on planet Earth, but in the entire universe and yet beyond. (The world, you see, is theirs.) And whomever does not like those rules (which, by the by, can and do change every time it suits the masters’ interests), then–well, too bad: all the necessary political, social, economical and military power will be exerted on you until you abide by the said rules, whose real and only purpose is to maintain, for as long as our civilization exists, the global and only hegemony of the United States of America, Amen.

This, and no other, is the meaning of ‘The international rules-based order’. Don’t let the slogan fool you.

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