Who cares?

There is not much credit in loving what of lovable there can be in every person.
Our beauty, our goodness, our joy, our kindness, our wisdom, fortitude, skills, success, talent, niceness, courage, patience… All these are great values, and for sure everyone should love them, because it’s good to reward the virtues by bestowing our love onto them; but we wouldn’t have much grounds to be proud of our capacity for affection if that were all what we’re ready to love in others. Because anyone can love that. It’s just too easy.
Now, what about our deffects? What about our wrongs, our temper, our jealousy, our weakness, fears, whims, fits, clumsiness, uglyness, our evil side? This is the true test, the quality check of our devotion. Because he who can learn to love us for our deffects as well as for our virtues, he who can empathize and forgive our bad points, he is the only one who may get all the credit for his loving capacity, the only one who proves the size of his heart. It’s by learning to forgive and even feel affection for what there is of unloveable in our dear ones how we truly show our love for them, and our wisdom.
Now, the problem is – who actually cares so much about love and wisdom?

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