The shortest full documentary about Poland ever made.

It happened by chance; I didn’t plan it.

I had just crossed the border and stopped in the first Polish village offering accomodation. After settling in at the hotel, I went for a walk and took the camera with me. I happened to take only two pictures, the only two things that caught my eye in my strolling mood; but, upong reviewing them, I realized that they summarized and comprised all about present-day Poland. Everything you might possibly want to know about this country’s society nowadays, you’ll find in those two pictures, which might not have been taken anywhere else.

That’s my Poland. That’s how it’s meant to be. That’s how I like it. Don’t ever change.

Worshipping the beatified John Paul II.

Worshipping the beatified John Paul II.

Four blokes "kurwing around" in the park.

Four blokes “kurwing around” in the park.

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