Kurwing around

In view of its success among a few of my acquaintances, I’m proud to introduce to the world my coined term (copyright pending) kurwing around.
Probably any Pole will easily identify its meaning; but it might not be so obvious for those of my readers who aren’t familiarized with Polish people: the term refers to a very common pattern of behaviour among Poles (mostly men) which consists in starting their speech, inserting in it, or simply exclaiming, the pet word kurwa (lit. “whore”), often ejaculated so repeatedly and loudly that it overpowers any other possible message meant. Needless to say that, when in groups or under alcohol effects, they sensibly increase the frequency and volume of the interjection.
Kurwa was the first Polish word that ever reached my ears, uttered by an inmigrant in my high school classroom; and kurwa will very likely be the first Polish word to strike that traveller’s ears who flies to Poland, hours before reaching the country: in the check-in queue, in the boarding gate, in the airplane…
Some months ago, when living in Warsaw, this behaviour suggested me the term kurwing around, which many of my acquaintances there have found utterly expressive and descriptive, and even qualified it as “a masterpiece of our behaviour’s description”. I’m sure it will be of some use to some readers, or give a chance for reflection to some others.

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