Lately I’ve been thinking…

Opinions versus judgement

Much more important than opinions is judgement. Opinions — our takes on social or political subjects, our views, can be easily manipulated and may well have been instilled into us; we may have taken them from our parents, our teachers, our mates, media… too often from social networks. Judgement, on the contrary… our good sense, the ability to tell from plausible and deceitful, reliable from demagogic, to critically process the information we receive… judgment belongs only to us, is personal and inalienable.
A working judgement is the best forefather of healthy opinions. However, the opinions of those who don’t have a judgement are but the echoes of others’ voices.

Boycott to Catalonian produce?

It’s neither fair nor sensible an idea –we are told– because it comes from the guts, not from the reason. Big truth. But we’re told the same about separatism: it comes from the heart and should be not argued against. Everyone’s got the right to decide, the right to feel different. But then… as genuine and legitimate is one feeling as the other; therefore, if separatism can be defended and justified, so does the boycott.

The hardest challenge of humankind

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that contemporary man faces perhaps the hardest challenge in humankind’s history: how to survive to his self-consciousness, the absurd of his own existence and the certitude of his death, without the help of faith. May God have mercy on us!

Paper doves

I feel obliged to dedicate this memory, sterile for them, to those who were my childhood mates. Who can swear that within those inanimate bits of paper, inert and cold, there was not a shadow of consciousness? Not me, who was never a paper dove.
(Miguel de Unamuno)

 Moral authority

If all the members of a society were strictly honest, one couldn’t think of havng moral legitimation unless being equally honest as the rest. But such is not the case. In real societies–where most of the people don’t play fair, being the less dishonest one is enough for acquiring moral superiority.


Nowadays, beds are very stylish and fashionable. But they don’t have bars! How can people have good sex in a bed without bars? No wonder there’s so much anger, depression and stress inside modern societies…


Facts are always consistent. The way they’re accounted is usually not.


“Noone who has ever witnessed the violence of a volcano can be so credulous as to believe in a placid and abiding planet Earth, in our History’s continuity, nor in our civilizations’ inevitable progress.”

The tinsel of neons

Is there any nation, any people, any town, having the decency of willingly refraining from the coarse resource, the stupefying lure, the insipid and noisy fashion, tacky, baffling and deceiving, of giant screens and neon signs? What has become of originality and good taste? What of discretion and diversity? Capitalism and consumption know no dissidents? Can’t anybody reject or look down on the flashy audiovisual offensive? Have we all yielded, like ancient natives, to the false shine and brilliance of tinsel?
I need a new world!

Gods and men

Men are but animals in gods’ disguises.

Death penalty

“Death penalty” is a contradictio in termini. One can’t be punished with death, because when one is alive, death is not, and when death is, one is not anymore. One can only be punished with the announcement of death.


There are two pure kinds of artists: those who create out of hard work and discipline, and those who create by dictation of the muse. There’s not much credit in the latter, and not much charm in the former. Fortunately, most artists are somewhere in between.


Life is a hazard. Unless you’re ready to face death, you won’t be able to fully enjoy life.
Never forget this.


And you know how hope is, don’t you? Stubborn and irrational; deaf to reasons, blind to evidence, impervious to logic and common sense. Hope doesn’t come from the brain, but arises from the heart and, like a drowning man, grasps at straws; and so, to feed our hungry and feeble hopes, we use every small detail, every little fact that could possibly hint at some faint fulfillment of our wishes…


Suicide is not really about killing yourself.
When you think of commiting suicide, your spirit–what is actually your self –is already dead; and it’s not possible to kill what is dead.
Suicide is mostly about avoiding resurrection.

Dreams of future

In one million years from now (a trifle in terms of Cosmos history) there will be no trace whatsoever of humankind in the Universe, which will keep walking inexorably towards the total enthropy forever and ever, for the whole eternity. What a dizzying thought, my God!
And we still feel so important, and we still think we can afford to lose our time dreaming of the future!


Youth is a poisoned blessing. It prevents us from learning the dearest lesson of life: the unvaluable value of time.

Open minded people

It’s not open-minded to want to only meet open-minded people. Actually, that rather evidences narrow-mindedness.

Perfect wife

If you’ve ever thought of getting the perfect husband, you should ask yourself if you could do a perfect wife.
And if you think you can do a perfect wife… then you’ll never get a husband!
(I guess this also works vice-versa.)

Fear of happiness

One day I found out, with no little surprise, that some people are just affraid of… simply being happy!

Finding myself

I’ve spent half of my life trying to find myself, and when I finally succeded I felt horrified when realizing that I was beholding but my own nothingness!

Spain free

For recovering its dignity, its freedom and independence, Spain needs to shake off the yokes of Catalonia and Baskonia. Those peoples shall have to accept the loss of Spain. For a free Spain, support secession!

Religion and war

In truth I tell you: those speak without thinking who put the wars down to religions, advocating that once these extinct, wars will end. All along human history, most armed conflicts have taken origin on the struggle for resources. True: religions often provide the excuse, but in the end, the nations were fighting for the scarce resources. And they still do. Ceased religions to exist–nay, when religions won’t exist any more, wars would still occur, under any other pretence–name it cultural identity, history, flag, country or whatnot.
Even the Jews, behind the alleged God’s commandment of finding their promised land, nothing but their own welfare seek since Christianity; and were it not Judaism to unite and drive them, something else would, like race or kin. But this is a different story.

Christmas apostasy

Few things are there more ridiculous than witnessing a born Christian trying to convince himself –and others by the way– that, in Christmas, he’s actually celebrating the winter solstice. Maybe they’re just grown up childs vying for attention by doing the opposite.

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  1. philip marty says:

    Yes. It’s time to bring back bars on beds.
    Great bits of thought. Like victory. …life IS fleeting.

    • Thanks for the compliment. Don’t know about victory (only victorious ones, like you, have that experience), but I certainly can vouchsafe about the fleeting life.

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