Affording the truth

And it’s true: most of what we do in our social life, if not everything, is conditioned by our desire, is targeted to make us desirable, to look nice and appealing to women; and the fact of already having one, or five, doesn’t change anything, because in this struggle, as many other struggles in the mind’s battleground, what matters is not so much the fact of actually getting the women, but the notion of being able to get them. Besides, who said that we should be contented with one, or with five? What I’m saying is nothing new: it’s Mother Nature fundamentals.
So, fool ye not, my fellowgender men: the movements we make, the cloths we dress, the job we want, the places we frequent, the car we drive, the food we eat, the house we buy, the haircut we get, the book we write, the art we create, the trips we take, the countries we travel, the things we study, the music we listen to, the money we make, and so on and so forth… Everything!, and certainly, certainly the words we say (including this very same blurb of mine!), all of this is meant to draw an image of ourselves that we deem, and hope, might be a successful one for attracting the other gender.
Some time ago, a fledgling I met in Al Ouatia (Morocco), a nice young German who was travelling the country on a bike, merrily rebuted this opinion of mine by argueing that he was doing that bike trip along the desert just for himself, for his own self satisfaction, looking for solitary places, for being in contact with nature, totally deprived of any intention of meeting women whom he could please. Certainly -I replied- you’re not looking for women now, but with this trip you’re building, or trying to build, a better yourself, you’re trying to accomplish a goal and to make a more mature and experienced person which, subconsciously, you deem will be more successful when you’re back in your own European world; and there is where you’ll try to make the most of this investment you’re doing. I bet you’ve already seen yourself, sometimes, telling about this trip to some nice auditorium, haven’t you?. Would you have ever started this trip if you knew, with total certitude, that you wouldn’t be able to talk about it to anyone? Of course he couldn’t but admit that I was true. Me, the wise cynic.
And this is our real nature, which we can hardly escape: our sex drives us. And with such a nature, who can behave with honesty? Who can speak his truth? We can’t reasonably demand wholesome sincerity from people under these conditionings. The only ones who can possibly behave and talk what they really feel and think are the children and the elderly. That’s why in all cultures and civilizations the advice of old people has always been valued and praised: not because the experience they’ve accumulated along their lives, but because, lacking any more gender desire, only them can afford the truth.

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