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65 º nordur. Episode 2: Akureyri

Located on the shoreline at the bottom of Eyjafördur in the north of Iceland, Akureyri is a lovely, small and rather quiet town; although with 17,000 inhabitants is the second largest in the country, after Reikjavik, ten times bigger. After the pitiable adventure passed during our first day’s journey, we devoted the second one to get … Continue reading »

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65º nordur. Episode 1: the blizzard

65º nordur. Tour around Iceland This is, somehow, a story about circles. It takes place at 65º north, right below the arctic circle. It gives an account of a trip around the Icelandic ring road, route nr 1. And it ends in the very touristic Golden circle. Another associations could be found involving circuits and … Continue reading »

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