Dylan’s Nobel, a display of Jewish power

I swear I didn’t know.
And because I didn’t know, when I heard about Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize in literature I was as puzzled as the next, thinking what the heck?, what were those guys at the Swedish Academy thinking about?, is it a canard? But no; it was true, and they had come up with that implausible explanation — rather a justification: “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition“. Oh, please!
For a few minutes I wondered, like everybody around me, if there were really no better and worthier candidates out there who wrote real literature or poetry and beat Dylan by a landslide. But… ‘new poetic expressions’ or ‘Great American song tradition’? Give me  a break! Why should the literature jury at the Academy particularly care about the USAmerican song tradition? Whatever.

In any case, I got the hasty conclusion that the Swedish must have just been bootlicking the USA — like mostly everyone does.
Yet, this conclusion didn’t quite convince me; something didn’t tie in; since, if they were simply flattering ‘the great American nation’, there were other USAmerican authors, real writers, cultivated and praiseworthy artists who beat Dylan by a landslide, and whom to award the Nobel in literature, rather than to a — sure, remarkable, but just another singer songwriter among the crowd.
And then, suddenly, it dawned on me: “I bet Bob Dylan is Jewish; for sure”. You know?, I have a nose for them and their ways. So I checked the Wikipedia and, lo and behold!, my hunch was 100% confirmed: Robert Allen Zimmerman ‘Dylan’ is Jewish from head to toe.
So, that was it! Everything then fell into place and was chrystal clear. No need for further speculation, nor trying to understand how Sara Danius at the Academy could possibly have equalled Homer and Sappho with Bob Dylan. It became obvious: the guy has been awarded the Nobel prize in literature because he is Jewish, and it’s the Semites who have the power and rock the craddle.
There is a funny scene, in the film Miller’s crossing, in which the new local maffia boss, who has just ‘conquered’ the city, orders the major to grant one job position in the borough council to two undeniably retarded twin brothers, protegés of him. When the major tries to protest that not only the twins are obviously dumb, but how can he give one position to two persons at the same time, the boss says: ‘when my predecessor was in power you obeyed his orders without saying a word. Well, now I am giving the orders, so just obey and shut up’.
Now it seems evident to me that the Swedish Academy has been given an order and, no matter how absurd, they have obeyed and shut up. And this, reader, is not simply a mockery to the Academy or the Swedish, but to the Western world. Somehow it is a spit on the face of our nations, and a way for the Zionism to let the world know who’s giving the orders here. And to top it all, now the awarded one — that ‘great American’ Jewish songwriter doesn’t even show up. No reply. Not a ‘thank you’ for his undeserved prize. As of today, it’s still unknown whether he’ll attend the ceremony and collect the award. Whether or not this second spit on the face has been done in collusion with the first one doesn’t really matter: the fact is that Dylan has iced the cake and completed the Semitic scorn with a double mockery.
Now the saddest of all this is, ladies and gentlemen, that the whole West has swallowed this pill without batting an eyelid, without a complaint or the smallest criticism; and, for the masses, without even noticing it. It is odd -to say the least- how little -if at all- has been commented in the Western countries’ media on this connection, this ‘correspondence’ absurd prize<–>jewish awarded; and it is amazing -though not surprising- how few people are at all aware of it — or choose not to be, despite the Jews have been bold: they’ve given ‘us’ the finger as if saying, like a Dylan’s Neighbourhood bully, ‘yes we take whatever we want; what are you going to do about it?’
But mark: I like Bob Dylan’s songs, and have nothing against him. He’s probably a terrific singer. But poor Alfred Nobel, if he could rise his head!

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