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If there’s something characterising the contemporary social speech -leadered by journalists and politicians of every kind, imbued in turn by the global pensée unique– that’s, rather than its populism and lack of character, the sweetened language in which its ideas come wrapped: I’m talking about that softened vocabulary of euphemisms and slynesses that shuns, at … Continue reading »

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Towards the twilight

After having met someone, somewhere (pity I can’t remember who, nor where!: it was an important part of the story, but now it won’t ever be recovered), I was going back home, for which I aimed the tube. In Madrid subway stations (supposing that this was Madrid, that is) there aren’t counters anymore, but this … Continue reading »

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Facebook’s unsatiable hunger for data

Some of my friends tell me I’m too far fetched. Maybe they’re right. But when it comes to huge corporations, governments and the like, I’m afraid that no degree of suspiciousness is far fetched enough. Because – you know – I was thinking: how do I disable this annoying automatic translation of my contacts’ posts … Continue reading »

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Is Finnair violating EU legislation on tax refunds?

Despite its unjustified prestige (or did I just imagined it?), derived mainly–rather solely–from the country whose flagship airline they are–or were, Finnair actually belongs in the bottom grop of low-cost, cheap-it & cheat-it airlines that we find all over out there. It ain’t a tiny bit better than other much more discredited ones like Wizz, … Continue reading »

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Close encounters of the second kind

I liked him at first sight. He was a tall and somewhat ungraceful man of crude and unusual features–as if his face had been left unfinished by the sculptor–suggestive of a sound yet silent character. We had met at a restaurant; actually he was the cook; and though sparing in words, we had stroken up … Continue reading »

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Actually the whole episode could’ve not been simpler, and if I had to put it down to some element more or less outside its direct players, I’d probably point to the mismatch between my eating habits and those of the Japanese: there, restaurants are rather for dining, and most of them–except maybe in the cities–only … Continue reading »

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Water heart, ice heart

So there I was, back in my hometown, being paid a spontaneous tribute by my country folk for having returned from my endless journeys around the globe; a casual open-air meeting in the middle of the street, where I was welcomed by everybody in an atmosphere of brotherly harmony that I had not seen before; … Continue reading »

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IX. Pueblos que sestean sobre el litoral

Sorry, this entry is only available in Spanish.

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